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Just a fraction of a fanart XP.

Hello dear fellow Shinji fans ^^.
Today I bring fanart!

Title: No title (because I'm not creative enough :P).
Artist: Kaworu-chan.
Series/Movie: Shin Seiki Evangelion / Evangelion Gekijouban.
Characters/Pairings: ShinjixKaworu.
Rating: PG.
Warnings: Sexual content, not quite explicit but your naughty minds do the rest :P. Sorry Ivi, I know you wanted some explicit pr0n, maybe next time, when I don't have to draw feet.
Disclaimer: Kaworu and Shinji are Gainax/Hideaki Anno/Yuji Sadamoto property... I dunno exactly, all I know is that they're not mine, unfortunately.

So I failed at drawing my first yaoi scene X'D. I had several problems, actually ... 1) I SUCK AT DRAWING FEET! 2) I SUCK AT KEEPING THE PROPORTIONS OF THE DRAWING IN MY MIND WHILE DRAWING DETAILS, SO THEY TURN OUT HUGE IN COMPARISON WITH THE WHOLE PICTURE. 3) I loose interest in the drawing while I advance on it. 4) I pay much more attention to some parts of the body (face, hair, hands...) than to others (legs, torso...).
Therefore, I decided to chop the drawing and upload what I liked the best, that's what you'll see ^^. I had another problem right there: As it was supposed to be a scene with sexual content, I had to erase either part of Shinji's face or part of Kaworu's face, so I just drew both faces to have a reference and to choose later which one to overlap the other. The problem was/is that I couldn't choose! I liked both! But it was weird... that's when the problem with the feet happened and I decided to leave the drawing as it was, focus on the faces, not to erase any of them and upload it as a confusing, yaoi but not pornographic drawing, that is quite explicit but not that much XD. 

Rebuild of Evangelion is a great excuse to draw some Evangelion fanart *fangirls*. I wanted to draw Kaworu, but I love Shinji too, and that pairing is so damn funny, sexy and lovable at the same time, I couldn't resist ^^.

Now the fanart.

Oh, those naughty boys...

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And of course, the separate layers, if you don't like the caos above:


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And Kaworu-kun:

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Made in Manga Studio EX 3.0. 
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this is my first time seeing shinji x kaworu fanart-
i like :) love the smooth solid lines
Oh! I'm glad it was a good introduction to the ShinKawo fanart world ^^.
Seriously, I'm really glad you liked it.
These are great ^_^
Oh, thank you very much! I'm so glad you liked it ^^.