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The land of silly Shinji fans! X3

Power to the minority!

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Shinji Ikari fans unite!
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"I like my mecha pilots like I like my screen doors: 14 years old, dysfunctional, and slightly unhinged."

The spastic introduction:
Welcome, one and all, to my humble, perhaps overzealously gaudy community! This is a place for Shinji fans (All five of us! XD) to mingle with each other and enjoy fandom and various silliness without anyone raining on our parade, or some other nonsensical analogy for hating our favorite characters and generally ruining our fun. But really, I ramble! X3 I made this place because the majority of people seem to hate Shinji for little to no reason, and, well, that just ain’t right! So here we have it: A safe place for the lot of us. A place for debate, discussion, fandom, joking, and crazy, unabashed Shinji-love! XD Have fun, and heed your mod! That would be me, the slightly left-of-center Atagamay.

Ideas of what to post:

Fanwork of any kind. If you draw something I find to be pleasing in any way, I might just make you a little award to post in your userinfo! X3

Colorbars. If you make/made a colorbar featuring Shinji, Eva-01, Shinji and Rei, Shinji and Kaworu, or the like, I’ll put it in the community userinfo. Just be sure to include the code, or a link to the code with the colorbar, because that makes it easier for everyone. Yes, I’m a lazy little ‘Gamay indeed… -_-

Observations, jokes, quotes, stories, and other randomosity! No one is judging you, so you may be your crazy self in peace! X3 We’re all weirdos and we know it, so you likely fit right in fine. And yes, some fun-poking at Shinji is totally allowed. Part of enjoying a character is finding humor in them, ne? ^_^

How not to invoke the heavenly wrath of Atagamay:

Joining here just to hang around and Shinji-bash is completely unacceptable. I’m a lot tougher than I seem at first! Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty laid-back, but joining communities just to make a jerk of yourself is something that will set me off. Your posts will be deleted, and you will be banned.

Fighting is also a bad, bad thing to do. I won’t ban you for it (unless it becomes a problem), but I won’t allow it. I’m all for heated discussion, but I won’t allow you to bicker like children and make each other, the membership of the community, and your mod miserable. Please try to tolerate each other! I know you will! ^_^

Have fun! That’s what this place is for, so no fun=angry ‘Gamay! You don’t want an angry ‘Gamay, do you? *Pouts* And don't forget to be silly! X3 Silly=good! No silly=well, I guess not an angry 'Gamay, but a sorta dissapointed one... *Sniffle* But don't be afraid be serious, too. No serious also=dissapointed 'Gamay!

For the record, this "Atagamay" you've been hearing about is xreddestinyx. Which is my username, not my backwards Yamagata name. *Nods*

Also, visit our sibling community, fifth_children! A Kaworu-centric community owned by strawberry_snow

Banners. For promotion, showing off, and general funtimes! X3

By kellatrix:

And now, some fan fun for y'all! XD
title or description

Root for the Underdog _*_ Shinji

I <3 Shinji  ·  adopted at sprite-o-matic!I <3 Shinji  ·  adopted at sprite-o-matic!title or description

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Shinji is Love!
Made by yuki_the_prince

Ikari Shinjii is misunderstood love

Eva-01 is ruthless colorful love!

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